Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer Review

Printing has given writing a new sphere. With printing everything can be done easily without any kind of appropriate press or some other sort of heavy bulky printing. Today’s world wants everything in a well mannered and organized way. Canon a well known multinational it company has brought  a marvelous printer . A laser printer known as Canon LBP 2900B. There is no compromise with the product. The printer is a laser black and white printer, and is bold and solid enough to be handled. About the pages it could print is enough enough than you would require to print. With the printer you get an installation guide, cd, usb cable, power cable and the printer itself. Installing the printer is very easy and the size of the software is also very small unlike all the hp printers which have a very heavy softwares  taking around 15-20minutes to intall. This is not the case with this printer its very easy to handle and operate .  There are only two buttons on the printer. One at the back for switching on and off the printer and another one is on the top for paper jamm. Incase the paper jams while printing the printer rolls back the paper on one touch and therefore, prevents itself and the paper from any accident. My personal experience with the printer has been best among all. I have taken around 2500 prints since 5 months and is still working well enough. The roll is working very well and is still ready to take out more possible printouts. This is the first printer in my life which has been there in my whole 5 months  work, making everything easy and smooth. If you are also thinking to buy black and white laser printer, then make this as your first preference because I guarantee you that it will never backoff from your personal as well as office work.


Blackberry Curve 8520 Smartphone review

Blackberry or Research in motion is also one among the piere competetion of new mobile devices and gadgets. Research in motion has always assured its genuity and maintained high standard handsets with bold software which is its own OS. Featuring all the above blackberry has one more clear handset which is non other than the most affordable and among the best selling phones in India blackberry curve 8520. The handset features an 2.0mp camera 1600×1200 pixels with QVGA recording, blackberry 5.0os, Html browser, gprs and edge support, wifi 802.11b/g, bluetooth v2.0 A2DP. Has a TFT, 65K colours with all other normal audio and video formats. The phone was released in august 2009 and created a good impression on consumers. Weighing just 106g the phone gives an handy look and feels right in hand. It has optical senstivity trackpad for smooth scrolling and has inbuilt memory 256mb (microSD, up to 32GB). Dedicated music keys on the top do not disturb the user experience infact give the right feel while playing music on the go. Talking about the battery is worth because it provides a great battery backup stand-by Up to 408 h, talktime Up to 4h 30 min. Other features such as Organiser, predictive text input, voice memorial are also minors which are used on the go. Overall being the personal owner the mobile is actually a bold and solid buy. Talking about 3g is not a big issue as wifi almost takes it all. So if you are a Rim fan and planning to buy low cost awesome phone and even comes under great cost, no need to think at all. Your decision is right because you have already discussed with me. For further queries or demands on new devices and gadgets send me a short tiny mail on

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Perfect smartphone under Perfect Price

Everyone wants a great mobile phone for advance time. Talking about the android is much less than described. Keeping everything in mind samsung made a brilliant phone in partnership with android which is the perfect smartphone under Rs7500. With fully captive touch Samsung Galaxy has 2.8 inches screen 2MP Camera 3G HSUPA 3.2mb (not for video calling), wifi 832mhz processor, 3.5mm jack with external 5.1channel speakers support, memory card support upto 32gb and google operating system android 2.3.6 gingerbread. The phone is perfect for business use and for personal use too. You get in the box a charger, user manual, earpiece, usb data cable and handset. Priced at Rs7200 and making android available in such an evergreen mobile industry Samsung has done it, by giving such a deal to population. So if you are planning to buy low budget smartphone then this is what you exactly require. My personal experience is great with this phone. Viewing emails have never been so easy with android. Camera quality is good though being just 2MP it provides what you need at night also without Flashlight. Its sleek design makes it look handy and good looking. Its been my best low budget phone without any specific cons and would surely recommend you all other than micromax and lava.

Sony Bravia NX720 HD 3D “40”inch LED TV Review

If you are looking for something like led with great advanced and enhanced features, then Sony takes it all. Led makes this time great as everyone wants to have something really revolutionary for themselves. Sony takes television to a new level with its monolithic sleek design by Bravia and enhanced stereoscopic 3D feature. It gives an fully High Definition experience with 1024*720 pixels. You get perfect 4 Hdmi ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 audio out, VGA port and audio in port for connecting you laptop and television giving an excellent picture quality on the Led. The accessories with the product is 1 pairs of 3D glasses, Skype camera for free video chatting all over the world, manual guides, one remote, table top stand and audio video connector for connecting dish and video players. 

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X reality picture feature enhances the quality of viewing the pictures, photos and wallpapers, The product itself includes connection to WiFi and LAN which give birth to something really new that is allows you to stay connected to Skype with marvelous full screen video chatting, Browsing YouTube and includes a more reliable web browser which is Opera. Surfing net has never been easier than this one specially searching for videos on YouTube and making conversation from the other country makes these moments most remember able. The buttons panel is on the right back side of the Led and is convenient to use to. The first start steps are quite easy and takes 2 minutes of all. Working is superbly awesome with great picture and sound quality. If we talk about the price here then the price for this marvelous Led makes Rs93000 (other countries conversions on you) and above all that i give this Led an 4.5 stars and missing stars are for the typing. Though it is difficult to handle remote and type but yes sony should also provide an wireless keyboard to make the browsing more fast, easy and reliable and also if you are planning to buy something like this then surely buy this. This provides the best value of all.

The Best of All You Could Actually Buy, Personal cum Professional Speakers

Hello world. This time i have got one product for you. Its actually not a product a remarkable Speakers for you. Yes you are right a surround sound speakers for you not the professional use but yes like professional. I had gone through many speakers from creative to philips, sony and other chinese speakers too but one day i went to a friend was of my age but use to call him sir because was a professional in his profession. I went to him to learn my singing lessions, and recording songs  that was my first day and then i met the best speakers in my life. SONY SRS-D5.Image

The time i heard its sound it totally drove me crazy. I had a sound test in the room we all were sitting and no doubt it just blew like anything vibrated at its peak. Its just a 2.1channel with a great sub-woofer, and if i talk about the price in india you can just get them for Rs.3500 (other countries conversions on you). They were the first speakers that just gave me goosebumps and suddenly planned to buy it. Hit the google and found unbelievely price at letsbuy, and suddenly grabbed that. Even though the bass was on its medium but the impact it created in the room was adorable and amazing. Even if you are searching speakers for professional use i would surely suggest these only, because nothing could be better than these sony for any kind of professional use, about the price its just too affordable, though i did not found any great review about the speakers but personally and frankly speaking they are the best ever supporting 2.1 channel you could ever get as of now. Though there are many more models such as Srs-d8 but this one is the only you can trust.The product has the following features and specifications:-

Speaker System Full Range
Speaker System (Satellite) Magnetically-Shielded
Power Output (Satellite) 10W + 10W
Power Output (Subwoofer) 20W
Speaker (Diameter) Satellite: 60mm, Subwoofer: 115mm
Speaker Impedance Satellite: 8ohms, Subwoofer: 3.6ohms
Amplifier Input Impedance 6 kohms (at 1 kHz)
Input Connecting cord with stereo mini plug (approx. 1.5 m) × 1
Output Stereo mini jack × 1
Speaker Cable Satellite (approx. 1.5 m) x 1, Subwoofer (approx. 2 m) x 1
Power Source DC 13V (supplied AC power adaptor)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (Satellite Speakers) Approx. 109 × 203 × 135 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (Subwoofer) Approx. 193 × 243 × 233 mm
Weight Satellite Speakers: Approx. 680g (Left), Approx. 610g (Right), Subwoofer: Approx. 2,450g.
Supplied Accessories AC power adaptor x 1, Operating Instructions x 1, AC power cord x 1

5 Necessities for your operating system including best security for your system

Today it’s very difficult to maintain your windows or other operating systems virus free you might have tried several antiviruses and the result may also be just ok or may not be too good. The main cause of virus is internet and removable devices. Opening certain sites which  contain harmful information or data try to navigate the windows system files which is quite prominent, now the thing is how to stay away from these viruses and make your computer/laptop totally healthy and install best product for your system. So here are those products to keep your computer totally free from viruses, Trojans, adware’s, spywares, etc.

Avast Internet Security

1) First of all the thing which is very necessary for you system is the antivirus. As of now the most affective and prominent antivirus is Avast Internet Security (you can install it at my risk). Yes the best     antivirus and hope so remains in future also. You can buy the trial version from internet or even buy on the website.



2) Second thing is registry cleaner. The best tuner for you system is obviously AVG PC TUNE UP. Avg tune up cleans every duplicate, wrong registry as well as some error stuff entries. It  also provides  extra features such as speeding up of internet, system advising  that what is best for you, tells you resource usage, disaster recovery, free up space to clean unnecessary files or data from hardisk, system control, system tweaks to optimize services, system status and Privacy for cleaning up of browsing history. This is really very very effective software and the condition to use this software is to run scan every week. So that no infectious file tend to harm your pc. It hardly takes 20 minutes to clean up your registry material and keep you system updated and I know that spending 20 minutes for scanning is not at all a big deal as you can have a healthy experience with your system. It can be buy the full version on the website or even have a look at the trial version.

Revo Uninstaller Pro

3) A good uninstaller is must because when you uninstall some software there are creating leftovers which stay in your system. So here I have the solution for that also Revo uninstaller pro. It provides user to delete the leftover files which remain in your system after the uninstallation and with this you can delete those remains and stay clean. It provides much more than uninstalling, links with Microsoft office products and helps to maintain a balance among them to. You can also get this one from the website and remember this is the best uninstaller program.

Microsoft Office 2010

4) Microsoft Office well this is what everyone already knows. Yes a correct proper MICROSOFT OFFICE KIT. This provides a wide variety of excel sheets to make a table, word for writing, PowerPoint for presentations, outlook for  direct email linking and much much more than this. Well I use MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 PROFESSIONAL PLUS and it is just more than awesome. It is just worth than any other Professional kit. I love Microsoft for making this brilliant office and hope they get 2012 soon.To get a genuine and safe software buy from the microsoft website.

Google Chrome

5) Google Chrome. Well this is the most Recommended and is a browser that straight away comes second after the Antivirus Installation. Chrome is a perfect than any other browsers. It provides the maximum security comparatively to any other browser. I didn’t mean that others are bad but this one is the best. It is simple secure and fast browser and because of its quality it cannot be compared with any other browser in the world and I have tried all the browsers and had a lot of survey about that but no one could stand ahead in the race so cheers for chrome and remember it is totally free from the Google itself.

Apple v/s Android who is the winner. Finally Revealed

Oh..! This kind of thing is very difficult to consider but here I assure you that you will get the best one for yourself.! Apple or Android.
Apple has got a great reputation in terms of its services providedin iPhones, iPads, iPods or whatever it is but as Steve jobs said in 2007 while giving intro about iPhone that this is a kind of phone which will definatelyrule the world in the upcoming 5 years. I am sorry to say but it was true 5 years are are almost complete now and all we can say is  *wink* comeon say hello to Android your new friend.
Android as i described in my earlier post a perfect operating system by Google. One of the factor which makes it perfect is the developerswho stay ahead in creating apps and   provide more liability features advancements to the users.

                         Comparison between iPhone and Android
1)     Apple is a bold simple with great cost and awesome features whereas android is also very bold simple, cheaper as well as costlier also because of providing varities of mobile devices as well as handsets.
2) If we consider in terms of how much applications are there in Apple and Android then obviously Android wins because there are a lot of developers and uncountable apps available from android market as well from other third party websites whereas apple provides everything from the one and the only iTunes store which is one of the reason for apple to lack a step back from android
3)  In apple if you want to locate search or find a restaurant, bars or other places you have to download a particular app where as in android you can simply open browser and search for the content you want. Here the choice depends upon the one and only you.
4) In my personal survey i also found that few apps that are paid in Apple is free in android. Ex Ghost Radar etc.
5) Designs look wise the softwares both have their own personality and well maintained standards.
6) About voice navigation both are good but in android it doesn’t replies back whereas Siri does a proper conversation in iPhone and android also sends text messages though voice navigation whereas Siri does not.
7) iPhone 4s has hence helped apple a lot to stay in smartphone race otherwise if it would not have stroked the market then Apple might have lost this this race, but everything going on is good right now for apple and android are still working hard to  finally achieve its perspective and rule the world.
8) In countries like India iPhone 4s is a high cost phone for a normal working class person. For just an example in India the starting price of iPhone 4s is Rs 44500 ($ 872.1) where as a cheapest android with market you can get in India is Spice- Mi250 for Rs 3399 ( $66.6). Check out the difference this main difference are worth considered while thinking to buy a Android or iPhone. So in India android are more in population as compared to iPhone.

I would like to give a very valuable advice that if you are a technology lover and like to fiddle with the technology and its advancements then just prefer android without thinking anything and if you are a simple regular as well as a busy person then prefer Iphone because it really suits you and if iPhone regularly keep on updating its devices and their software after a particular certain interval then they can maintain their stock marketing status and more than 3/4 factors also depend upon iPhone 5. How interesting it is going to be or how disgusting, will it achieve its victory over rival or defeat over rival.

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