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Port Android Apps to Bar Apps for Blackberry Playbook

The amazing gadget survives on with its ability to work along the android player. This time it has become more easy. Your all android apps would be in your tablet even though if they are not in the Blackberry World. All you need to do is open this marvelous website Apk2Bar.org that redirects you to your destination. Make a setup of your android app into the format apk and upload it onto this website and wait for everything to happen itself. Your android app will be converted into bar format without any further options or changes and it auto signs the applications and calculates md5 to produce ultimately a bar app for your tablet. Apk2Bar.org

Blackberry Playbook Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

This new post will involve something new and I am damm sure you will definately like it about the blackberry playbook keyboard which I just bought on 25th of november and received it day after one and I would definately like to give it a shot regarding its review this tablet keyboard compatible with iphone ipad and all other blackberry handset. This cute little thing is amazing and is all you wanted since you bought this tablet. It has a total of 60 keys +1 for link button. Which makes the total to 61 keys. This tablet keyboard involves a case for inserting the tablet with a stand for giving it a full fledged laptop. You can easily get this from ebay pricing between 20$ to 50$ varrying from the places you order. No doubt this thing is amazing very soft and rubby texture to type and moreover it has two backspace keys and two capslock buttons but no control key and is also not a matter. At last all I want to say is that this piece of board is just awesome. Being bluetooth enabled keyboard this is just great accessories for any other amazing device.

Windows 8. The Legendary OS

Microsoft unveiling its latest OS for Virtual Machines has finally brought something new in its content as well as brought a new change in the upcoming trends. The preceding version after windows 7 Microsoft managed to stay in competition. As described the windows is faster beautiful and reliable. Just 8 seconds to boot is like another achievement for Windows and similarly a compliment for designing it specially for a Touch interface. A whole lot of changes does make it awesome as well as difficult and annoying for some. The vanishing of the start button was not ever expected until the release preview came into existence though it was located swiping on the right or placing mouse curser top right or bottom right or even while hovering to the start button placed in previous versions but never mind just like Facebook the changes suddenly take place looking somehow difficult and unknown but no matter what Facebook does the next day you again log onto it and begin like regularly. The concept of Movement In apps or making the app tiles live is again an achievement in terms of iPhone and Android worth metro view of the start and home screen for windows phone. Talking about metro view its just beautiful and gives windows something totally dashing over the different masterpieces of themes making the view totally marvelous. One more major change in the OS is guess what. APP STORE. That is what almost just bets you to install it. The app store introduced in windows Is limited to apps but never mind they are enough for a start though the developers are very much interested for developing apps and hence making this Operating System a real success . Apps according to windows phones are around 1,20,000 and increasing day by day. The apps run very smoothly in windows. Famous games are also released day by day as increasing demands of windows 8. Right now my favorite are there which is Angry birds, Cut the rope and all those creature games. The whole new Internet explorer 10 with an unleashing speed and uninterrupted secure browsing makes the browsing experience more reliable and great. In nutshell there is all change of appearance as in the new metro view including beautiful tiles and their movement as well as personalization option, disappearance of start menu from the home screen, introduction of apps store, new internet explorer and minor changes in the control panel.

If you haven’t bought it yet then you are really missing Everything at Once. The OS is expected to be of Rs12000 on 1st Feb 2013. The upgrade offer is available for Rs2000 for old Virtual Machines and Rs699 for those who bought their Machines between 2 June 2012 to the upcoming 31st Jan 2012. For redeeming the offer, people with their new Machines simply go to the Microsoft Offer website and register for the unique promo code and enter it during the payment option while buying windows.

Blackberry Playbook Tablet Review

Rim’s has the one and only tablet which is known as Blackberry Playbook. The tablet has inbuild memory and hence comes in three models. The models vary from the sizes only. 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb. The prices of the tablet earlier were higher in the market but suddenly the prices dropped due to competition. Now a days you get blackberry playbook at Rs16000 for 32Gb and Rs18000 for 64Gb. There is not much difference between the prices but the tablet is no doubt making a marvelous job for the consumers. The tablet features 1Ghz processor, 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera for video calling and video calling can only be placed from playbook to playbook only not any other tablet. The tablet works on its own OS by Blackberry and with the recent update 2.0 the tablet runs android apps also with the help of basic QNX launcher, which makes the tablet basically android also. To run android apps firstly the app has to undergo various process like converting the apps from .apk to .bar and then it has to get signed by blackberry to get uploaded in the appworld. The working of the tablet is marvelous. There is no complaint of hanging or any security break issues after the OS2.0 release. The tablet is worth the price as rim has added all the necessary features in 2.0 update, such as native calendar, email and other value added support and made the playbook run more smoother and the software look more bolder. The box you get warrenty card, user manual, data cable, charger and the playbook itself. There are 4 buttons in total placed at the top of the playbook. First one is the power itself and the second,third  and forth are for the media for play, pause(one button), Previous , next. For getting back from an app simply swipe up, to get to the setting swipe down, and to switch between the apps swipe left or right according to the location of the app. The user easily gets through with its interface without any sort of difficulty. Rim has recently announced its 4g Tablet also which mainly features 4g and other specifications are still to arrive. Overall the tablet is perfect for professional as well as personal use. My personal recommendation to everyone, if you are willing to buy any tablet then definitely go for blackberry playbook. You won’t get this deal again and at the last my personal guarantee with the product is also valid. I am sure you will definitely like the product and its user friendly interface.

Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer Review

Printing has given writing a new sphere. With printing everything can be done easily without any kind of appropriate press or some other sort of heavy bulky printing. Today’s world wants everything in a well mannered and organized way. Canon a well known multinational it company has brought  a marvelous printer . A laser printer known as Canon LBP 2900B. There is no compromise with the product. The printer is a laser black and white printer, and is bold and solid enough to be handled. About the pages it could print is enough enough than you would require to print. With the printer you get an installation guide, cd, usb cable, power cable and the printer itself. Installing the printer is very easy and the size of the software is also very small unlike all the hp printers which have a very heavy softwares  taking around 15-20minutes to intall. This is not the case with this printer its very easy to handle and operate .  There are only two buttons on the printer. One at the back for switching on and off the printer and another one is on the top for paper jamm. Incase the paper jams while printing the printer rolls back the paper on one touch and therefore, prevents itself and the paper from any accident. My personal experience with the printer has been best among all. I have taken around 2500 prints since 5 months and is still working well enough. The roll is working very well and is still ready to take out more possible printouts. This is the first printer in my life which has been there in my whole 5 months  work, making everything easy and smooth. If you are also thinking to buy black and white laser printer, then make this as your first preference because I guarantee you that it will never backoff from your personal as well as office work.

Blackberry Curve 8520 Smartphone review

Blackberry or Research in motion is also one among the piere competetion of new mobile devices and gadgets. Research in motion has always assured its genuity and maintained high standard handsets with bold software which is its own OS. Featuring all the above blackberry has one more clear handset which is non other than the most affordable and among the best selling phones in India blackberry curve 8520. The handset features an 2.0mp camera 1600×1200 pixels with QVGA recording, blackberry 5.0os, Html browser, gprs and edge support, wifi 802.11b/g, bluetooth v2.0 A2DP. Has a TFT, 65K colours with all other normal audio and video formats. The phone was released in august 2009 and created a good impression on consumers. Weighing just 106g the phone gives an handy look and feels right in hand. It has optical senstivity trackpad for smooth scrolling and has inbuilt memory 256mb (microSD, up to 32GB). Dedicated music keys on the top do not disturb the user experience infact give the right feel while playing music on the go. Talking about the battery is worth because it provides a great battery backup stand-by Up to 408 h, talktime Up to 4h 30 min. Other features such as Organiser, predictive text input, voice memorial are also minors which are used on the go. Overall being the personal owner the mobile is actually a bold and solid buy. Talking about 3g is not a big issue as wifi almost takes it all. So if you are a Rim fan and planning to buy low cost awesome phone and even comes under great cost, no need to think at all. Your decision is right because you have already discussed with me. For further queries or demands on new devices and gadgets send me a short tiny mail on ABornsinger@gmail.com