My most awaited and best of all time that I think is this post as I am most excited about it. This post is going to be very special and the most anticipated one. Today I would be talking about success the ultimate divine. So what is this success finding the world from about our day to day lives and just running for success is not the success. Successful is every person I won’t say at all that “Hey you there you are not successful” “Hey you I think you have got nothing so you are unsuccessful.” Success is not for someone it’s for you not for flaunting to others. An example of success is that you everyday wake up with good health and the most prominent is of the ability to do the everyday tasks like driving, come on you have got that skill don’t ignore it appreciate it because you are successful in driving or you have achieved success.

The difference that makes you think about you not being successful is that one thought you have in yourself which you fear and consider to be unsuccessful in. That is not where you need to succeed. There are various aspects to be good in where you forget to admire yourself and celebrate for the success. These are really so small things that you do not even appreciate because you are just worried about that one you are unsuccessful in. Now the real fact read it carefully now the real fact that is you are not at all unsuccessful in what you think you want to. The thing is that you don’t try which results in failure or you don’t have enough faith in you to accomplish and make it done whereas success comes afterwards first thing is your desire to accomplish the work and then let the success do its work, never ever try to underestimate because that is not the solution to any problem.

Remember there are obstacles on the way they are bound to come and try to distract you always keep in mind that before starting or commencing anything you should be determined enough, hard enough to just put your obstacles aside and make the curve path straight. It is never straight to achieve success there are very small punches that add to the success as there is a quote I heard “Life indeed would be dull if there were no such difficulties” and remember obstacles are just like pain because pain is temporary, it may be for an hour, for days for weeks or months but it is temporary. Now talking about patience, patience is required at every place, every moment, patience is an attire to create an existence during the initial stages of success.

The consistency is must to be indulged in being consistent and regular, just making a deal out of failures and distractions is what it symbolizes, there are regrets and lot of underestimations but if you learn from it rather than just feeling disturbed and demoralizing yourself for the failures because they lead you nowhere but stress and depression. So never ever think that you have failed and you cannot do anything in life because this is the most people that they think they cannot do anything in life. My answer to them is you cannot do anything just because you have failed, you won’t try again just because you have failed. Almighty has showered the blessings upon us, gave us human life and virtue to live more than that he made us physically well and ability to do things with our hands, legs. There are many live examples of those who do not have hands or are physically disabled but they do not have any complaints from life infact they are more happy and determined to enjoy their lives. They also overcome failures work upon that and there efforts and dedications do shine and brighten. So stop complaining and making excuses that I could not do this because of this or I would have done if. There are just excuses not answers to your failures.

At last I would like to say that Failure nah that’s just a word and does not even exists if you are determined to do the work you want to do and just get it done no matter it may be for the social welfare your own satisfaction or for any cause but there should be a cause and hunger to fight and succeed and once if you get it done then my dear no one would be able to question you and stop you because that day would be just for you. Enjoy your successful life.