Blackberry Playbook Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

This new post will involve something new and I am damm sure you will definately like it about the blackberry playbook keyboard which I just bought on 25th of november and received it day after one and I would definately like to give it a shot regarding its review this tablet keyboard compatible with iphone ipad and all other blackberry handset. This cute little thing is amazing and is all you wanted since you bought this tablet. It has a total of 60 keys +1 for link button. Which makes the total to 61 keys. This tablet keyboard involves a case for inserting the tablet with a stand for giving it a full fledged laptop. You can easily get this from ebay pricing between 20$ to 50$ varrying from the places you order. No doubt this thing is amazing very soft and rubby texture to type and moreover it has two backspace keys and two capslock buttons but no control key and is also not a matter. At last all I want to say is that this piece of board is just awesome. Being bluetooth enabled keyboard this is just great accessories for any other amazing device.