Blackberry Playbook Tablet Review

Rim’s has the one and only tablet which is known as Blackberry Playbook. The tablet has inbuild memory and hence comes in three models. The models vary from the sizes only. 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb. The prices of the tablet earlier were higher in the market but suddenly the prices dropped due to competition. Now a days you get blackberry playbook at Rs16000 for 32Gb and Rs18000 for 64Gb. There is not much difference between the prices but the tablet is no doubt making a marvelous job for the consumers. The tablet features 1Ghz processor, 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera for video calling and video calling can only be placed from playbook to playbook only not any other tablet. The tablet works on its own OS by Blackberry and with the recent update 2.0 the tablet runs android apps also with the help of basic QNX launcher, which makes the tablet basically android also. To run android apps firstly the app has to undergo various process like converting the apps from .apk to .bar and then it has to get signed by blackberry to get uploaded in the appworld. The working of the tablet is marvelous. There is no complaint of hanging or any security break issues after the OS2.0 release. The tablet is worth the price as rim has added all the necessary features in 2.0 update, such as native calendar, email and other value added support and made the playbook run more smoother and the software look more bolder. The box you get warrenty card, user manual, data cable, charger and the playbook itself. There are 4 buttons in total placed at the top of the playbook. First one is the power itself and the second,third  and forth are for the media for play, pause(one button), Previous , next. For getting back from an app simply swipe up, to get to the setting swipe down, and to switch between the apps swipe left or right according to the location of the app. The user easily gets through with its interface without any sort of difficulty. Rim has recently announced its 4g Tablet also which mainly features 4g and other specifications are still to arrive. Overall the tablet is perfect for professional as well as personal use. My personal recommendation to everyone, if you are willing to buy any tablet then definitely go for blackberry playbook. You won’t get this deal again and at the last my personal guarantee with the product is also valid. I am sure you will definitely like the product and its user friendly interface.


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