The Best of All You Could Actually Buy, Personal cum Professional Speakers

Hello world. This time i have got one product for you. Its actually not a product a remarkable Speakers for you. Yes you are right a surround sound speakers for you not the professional use but yes like professional. I had gone through many speakers from creative to philips, sony and other chinese speakers too but one day i went to a friend was of my age but use to call him sir because was a professional in his profession. I went to him to learn my singing lessions, and recording songs  that was my first day and then i met the best speakers in my life. SONY SRS-D5.Image

The time i heard its sound it totally drove me crazy. I had a sound test in the room we all were sitting and no doubt it just blew like anything vibrated at its peak. Its just a 2.1channel with a great sub-woofer, and if i talk about the price in india you can just get them for Rs.3500 (other countries conversions on you). They were the first speakers that just gave me goosebumps and suddenly planned to buy it. Hit the google and found unbelievely price at letsbuy, and suddenly grabbed that. Even though the bass was on its medium but the impact it created in the room was adorable and amazing. Even if you are searching speakers for professional use i would surely suggest these only, because nothing could be better than these sony for any kind of professional use, about the price its just too affordable, though i did not found any great review about the speakers but personally and frankly speaking they are the best ever supporting 2.1 channel you could ever get as of now. Though there are many more models such as Srs-d8 but this one is the only you can trust.The product has the following features and specifications:-

Speaker System Full Range
Speaker System (Satellite) Magnetically-Shielded
Power Output (Satellite) 10W + 10W
Power Output (Subwoofer) 20W
Speaker (Diameter) Satellite: 60mm, Subwoofer: 115mm
Speaker Impedance Satellite: 8ohms, Subwoofer: 3.6ohms
Amplifier Input Impedance 6 kohms (at 1 kHz)
Input Connecting cord with stereo mini plug (approx. 1.5 m) × 1
Output Stereo mini jack × 1
Speaker Cable Satellite (approx. 1.5 m) x 1, Subwoofer (approx. 2 m) x 1
Power Source DC 13V (supplied AC power adaptor)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (Satellite Speakers) Approx. 109 × 203 × 135 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (Subwoofer) Approx. 193 × 243 × 233 mm
Weight Satellite Speakers: Approx. 680g (Left), Approx. 610g (Right), Subwoofer: Approx. 2,450g.
Supplied Accessories AC power adaptor x 1, Operating Instructions x 1, AC power cord x 1