5 Necessities for your operating system including best security for your system

Today it’s very difficult to maintain your windows or other operating systems virus free you might have tried several antiviruses and the result may also be just ok or may not be too good. The main cause of virus is internet and removable devices. Opening certain sites which  contain harmful information or data try to navigate the windows system files which is quite prominent, now the thing is how to stay away from these viruses and make your computer/laptop totally healthy and install best product for your system. So here are those products to keep your computer totally free from viruses, Trojans, adware’s, spywares, etc.

Avast Internet Security

1) First of all the thing which is very necessary for you system is the antivirus. As of now the most affective and prominent antivirus is Avast Internet Security (you can install it at my risk). Yes the best     antivirus and hope so remains in future also. You can buy the trial version from internet or even buy on the website.



2) Second thing is registry cleaner. The best tuner for you system is obviously AVG PC TUNE UP. Avg tune up cleans every duplicate, wrong registry as well as some error stuff entries. It  also provides  extra features such as speeding up of internet, system advising  that what is best for you, tells you resource usage, disaster recovery, free up space to clean unnecessary files or data from hardisk, system control, system tweaks to optimize services, system status and Privacy for cleaning up of browsing history. This is really very very effective software and the condition to use this software is to run scan every week. So that no infectious file tend to harm your pc. It hardly takes 20 minutes to clean up your registry material and keep you system updated and I know that spending 20 minutes for scanning is not at all a big deal as you can have a healthy experience with your system. It can be buy the full version on the website or even have a look at the trial version.

Revo Uninstaller Pro

3) A good uninstaller is must because when you uninstall some software there are creating leftovers which stay in your system. So here I have the solution for that also Revo uninstaller pro. It provides user to delete the leftover files which remain in your system after the uninstallation and with this you can delete those remains and stay clean. It provides much more than uninstalling, links with Microsoft office products and helps to maintain a balance among them to. You can also get this one from the website and remember this is the best uninstaller program.

Microsoft Office 2010

4) Microsoft Office well this is what everyone already knows. Yes a correct proper MICROSOFT OFFICE KIT. This provides a wide variety of excel sheets to make a table, word for writing, PowerPoint for presentations, outlook for  direct email linking and much much more than this. Well I use MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 PROFESSIONAL PLUS and it is just more than awesome. It is just worth than any other Professional kit. I love Microsoft for making this brilliant office and hope they get 2012 soon.To get a genuine and safe software buy from the microsoft website.

Google Chrome

5) Google Chrome. Well this is the most Recommended and is a browser that straight away comes second after the Antivirus Installation. Chrome is a perfect than any other browsers. It provides the maximum security comparatively to any other browser. I didn’t mean that others are bad but this one is the best. It is simple secure and fast browser and because of its quality it cannot be compared with any other browser in the world and I have tried all the browsers and had a lot of survey about that but no one could stand ahead in the race so cheers for chrome and remember it is totally free from the Google itself.