Apple v/s Android who is the winner. Finally Revealed

Oh..! This kind of thing is very difficult to consider but here I assure you that you will get the best one for yourself.! Apple or Android.
Apple has got a great reputation in terms of its services providedin iPhones, iPads, iPods or whatever it is but as Steve jobs said in 2007 while giving intro about iPhone that this is a kind of phone which will definatelyrule the world in the upcoming 5 years. I am sorry to say but it was true 5 years are are almost complete now and all we can say is  *wink* comeon say hello to Android your new friend.
Android as i described in my earlier post a perfect operating system by Google. One of the factor which makes it perfect is the developerswho stay ahead in creating apps and   provide more liability features advancements to the users.

                         Comparison between iPhone and Android
1)     Apple is a bold simple with great cost and awesome features whereas android is also very bold simple, cheaper as well as costlier also because of providing varities of mobile devices as well as handsets.
2) If we consider in terms of how much applications are there in Apple and Android then obviously Android wins because there are a lot of developers and uncountable apps available from android market as well from other third party websites whereas apple provides everything from the one and the only iTunes store which is one of the reason for apple to lack a step back from android
3)  In apple if you want to locate search or find a restaurant, bars or other places you have to download a particular app where as in android you can simply open browser and search for the content you want. Here the choice depends upon the one and only you.
4) In my personal survey i also found that few apps that are paid in Apple is free in android. Ex Ghost Radar etc.
5) Designs look wise the softwares both have their own personality and well maintained standards.
6) About voice navigation both are good but in android it doesn’t replies back whereas Siri does a proper conversation in iPhone and android also sends text messages though voice navigation whereas Siri does not.
7) iPhone 4s has hence helped apple a lot to stay in smartphone race otherwise if it would not have stroked the market then Apple might have lost this this race, but everything going on is good right now for apple and android are still working hard to  finally achieve its perspective and rule the world.
8) In countries like India iPhone 4s is a high cost phone for a normal working class person. For just an example in India the starting price of iPhone 4s is Rs 44500 ($ 872.1) where as a cheapest android with market you can get in India is Spice- Mi250 for Rs 3399 ( $66.6). Check out the difference this main difference are worth considered while thinking to buy a Android or iPhone. So in India android are more in population as compared to iPhone.

I would like to give a very valuable advice that if you are a technology lover and like to fiddle with the technology and its advancements then just prefer android without thinking anything and if you are a simple regular as well as a busy person then prefer Iphone because it really suits you and if iPhone regularly keep on updating its devices and their software after a particular certain interval then they can maintain their stock marketing status and more than 3/4 factors also depend upon iPhone 5. How interesting it is going to be or how disgusting, will it achieve its victory over rival or defeat over rival.

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