iPhone 5 Final Touch

iPhone 5. You might be wandering what is the below text gonna tell about iPhone 5, will it be true or fake like others. So let me confirm you for sure that the below text is confidentially true to look and have better idea about the apple’s new iphone 5. So after covering a lot of YouTube videos and searching on Google I have finally came around through a lot of possibilities in iphone 5.
1)     iPhone 5 will have front HD Camera as well as the rear camera which is also HD with 8 megapixels as the same in Iphone 4s but included HD VIDEORECORDING. The structure of the back illuminated CMOS sensor that has been developed by Sony will allow for much thinner cameras to be used in other Smartphone’s as well as the Apple iPhone but it is thought that the camera will be first used in the iPhone 5 device.
2)     iPhone 5 will have larger screen size that is 4.3 inches increased from the edges, and resolution to bump up a little bit as 1080×720that would give a pixel density of 325 sight lower than 330 in iphone 4 and iphone 4s this rumor has been accepted and hence is true. The increase in size is because apple was wandering that it could create a lot of problem in using 3.5 inches in iPhone 5 because of new large screen android phones and at present it is causing a lot of problems.
3)     If thickness if preferred then I would say that the design will be much sleeker  comparative to others. It is thought that Sony have been commissioned to design the camera inside the iPhone 5 device and that the design of the camera that they have created will allow for a much thinner iPhone than previous models.If not then will prefer stock at RIM .
4)     iPhone 5 will support or not support  4G LTE is what it depends upon the battery life but if it doesn’t then that’s really embarrassing for apple let’s say that the iPhone 5 will be an LTE handset on Verizon, AT&T, and even Sprint’s upcoming LTE network.. This is really awesome and great.
5)     iPhone will have A6 processors with more than dualcore with ios5 whereas A6 processors are not found In any of the apple devices right now. Currently A5 is the latest and is ruling over the people.
6)     Increase in Ram is also acceptable from 700Mhz to 1Ghz.
7)     Material is one of the most important factors about iPhones. Similarly as iphone 3GS had plastic backs iPhone 4 and 4s had design made of glass whereas the original apple iPhone had aluminum backing. So probability is that apple might use any of these above with enhanced voice controls SIRI.
8)     As well as the availability is concerned the product will be available to public between September and October this year.
These were the main Predictions as possible where as  for further instance you can view the video provided with the link below, which is presented by nowhereelse.

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