Exact Comparison Iphone 4 and Iphone 4s

Hello My Blisters Here i am back with one more post one more common topic. First just a hint something related to STEVE JOBS. Yes you got it, its the one and only Apple inventor the great personality as CEO to give such an advancement to the technology and brought a new phase in the world, serving our needs and neccessities. IPHONE. The phone which near about 44% of the world’s population is using and without any regrets and problem. The phone cannot be compared with any other phone, because in simple words it has its own importance, different look, very good reputation, and can easily be recognised. This was what the company aimed. This was one part of the info  about apple but i am going to tell you about the exact comparison between apple iphone 4 and 4s I won’t be talking about 3gs because its oudated but if you want me to compare with these two then i may do for your concern. So here i begin with it.
The apple iphone 4s has been improved 35% than iphone 4.1.) In apple iphone 4 you will find A4 processor chip and in iphone 4s, new and much better integrated graphics A5 dual-core chip. Well thats a lot
2.) They both support the same carriers. at&t, verizon, sprint and other country provider carriers also.
3) Colours are the same. The dark black and the gracefull white.
4) Weights and dimensions are almost the same but iphone 4s weighs 3grams (0.1 ounces) more than the iphone 4.
5) Now comes to camera. Apple has improved the megapixels by 3 is it is 8 megapixels in iphone 4s and added one more feature Face Detection rest the same.
6) Improved hd video recording from 720p 30fps in iphone 4 to 1020p 30fps in iphone 4s along with feature added video stablization.
7) Display is still the same
8) In cellular and wireless connectivity iphone 4 comprises CDMA EV-DO Rev.A  and bluetooth conectivity 2.1 + EDR and iphone 4s comprises CDMA EV-DO Rev.A(Square) and improved Bluetooth 4.0
9) Battery life is also increased from 7 hours on 3g in iphone 4 to 8 hours battery on 3g in iphone 4s but standby time is decreased from 300 hours in iphone 4 to 200 in iphone 4s
10) Yes never for the voice resistant SIRI in iphone 4s. Which totally makes it different from other iphones and more and more interesting as the other models do not contain anything like this.
10) Whereas the PRICE is considered you have to check it out yourself. A simple homework for you for different countries and let me also know.!
One more thing which you get free with ios 5 is icloudMy personal advice is that if you already own Iphone 4 then no need to get iphone 4s because it hardly matters your usage and kind of work you do and if you want to buy iphone then i would recommend the latest Iphone 5 with more advancements.!


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