The Final Beta Release is available Blackberry Playbook what about the Feb Release, also keep a check on PRICE

As you all can see the that the final beta Release for blackberry Playbook is out 9 days ago,Os but well well well this is still the developers beta. Rim has a lot competetion to go ahead and grab the android opportunity, said by the Rim that Februrary would cover it all with the new and final release of Android based apps on Playbook. It has a lot to do, however the date provided is 17th feb but all we can say is all the best to the users because they would be finally able to run Android apps on their playbook after such a long wait. Rim might thank for this patience. Also the news arrived that the final beta contains predictive text which was told about a week to include in it but the native email, contacts, calender and movie rental and bluetooth connectivity for content sharing is still in queue. Lets hope for the best cheers to Rim who managed to do this great work. Also cheers to those who managed to load android with my previous post open market and download some cool fussy apps like Ghost Radar, Jukebox, Vlc media player etc and if you don’t have a Playbook then buy it before 4th feb because the prices are going to strike their original place so grab it before it gets too late. Let me also tell you the current Prices along with the increase after 4th Feb.

Before Feb
Blackberry Playbook 16GB = $299
Blackberry Playbook 32GB = $299
Blackberry Playbook 64GB = $299

After Feb
Blackberry Playbook 16GB = $499
Blackberry Playbook 32GB = $599
Blackberry Playbook 64GB = $699

These are worldwide increase as well dropped prices.! So hurry..! Don’t get late because if you loose this opportunity then you would never get this chance.!

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