My most awaited and best of all time that I think is this post as I am most excited about it. This post is going to be very special and the most anticipated one. Today I would be talking about success the ultimate divine. So what is this success finding the world from about our day to day lives and just running for success is not the success. Successful is every person I won’t say at all that “Hey you there you are not successful” “Hey you I think you have got nothing so you are unsuccessful.” Success is not for someone it’s for you not for flaunting to others. An example of success is that you everyday wake up with good health and the most prominent is of the ability to do the everyday tasks like driving, come on you have got that skill don’t ignore it appreciate it because you are successful in driving or you have achieved success.

The difference that makes you think about you not being successful is that one thought you have in yourself which you fear and consider to be unsuccessful in. That is not where you need to succeed. There are various aspects to be good in where you forget to admire yourself and celebrate for the success. These are really so small things that you do not even appreciate because you are just worried about that one you are unsuccessful in. Now the real fact read it carefully now the real fact that is you are not at all unsuccessful in what you think you want to. The thing is that you don’t try which results in failure or you don’t have enough faith in you to accomplish and make it done whereas success comes afterwards first thing is your desire to accomplish the work and then let the success do its work, never ever try to underestimate because that is not the solution to any problem.

Remember there are obstacles on the way they are bound to come and try to distract you always keep in mind that before starting or commencing anything you should be determined enough, hard enough to just put your obstacles aside and make the curve path straight. It is never straight to achieve success there are very small punches that add to the success as there is a quote I heard “Life indeed would be dull if there were no such difficulties” and remember obstacles are just like pain because pain is temporary, it may be for an hour, for days for weeks or months but it is temporary. Now talking about patience, patience is required at every place, every moment, patience is an attire to create an existence during the initial stages of success.

The consistency is must to be indulged in being consistent and regular, just making a deal out of failures and distractions is what it symbolizes, there are regrets and lot of underestimations but if you learn from it rather than just feeling disturbed and demoralizing yourself for the failures because they lead you nowhere but stress and depression. So never ever think that you have failed and you cannot do anything in life because this is the most people that they think they cannot do anything in life. My answer to them is you cannot do anything just because you have failed, you won’t try again just because you have failed. Almighty has showered the blessings upon us, gave us human life and virtue to live more than that he made us physically well and ability to do things with our hands, legs. There are many live examples of those who do not have hands or are physically disabled but they do not have any complaints from life infact they are more happy and determined to enjoy their lives. They also overcome failures work upon that and there efforts and dedications do shine and brighten. So stop complaining and making excuses that I could not do this because of this or I would have done if. There are just excuses not answers to your failures.

At last I would like to say that Failure nah that’s just a word and does not even exists if you are determined to do the work you want to do and just get it done no matter it may be for the social welfare your own satisfaction or for any cause but there should be a cause and hunger to fight and succeed and once if you get it done then my dear no one would be able to question you and stop you because that day would be just for you. Enjoy your successful life.


Starting Blogging is so much easy

Blogging is a kind of social platform for those who have abundance of knowledge in their specialized area or try to share their expertise with rest of the world or share their everyday experiences as some do it for passion and others to make a bit difference in their pockets but all the above that matters is what you have to share with everyone that is what actually makes you really desperate about writing. This article will exactly tell you a bit about blogging and how to influence and make a change to get traffic and make your blogging a success not with any additional programs that pay you but actually to get viewers.Blogging

What viewers are actually looking for? There is a lot of confusion that what actually the viewers are looking for and the one and only answer for this is that the viewers are actually demanding the best of what you could actually provide, not bunch of fake and illegal techniques and fictional stuff which is seen a lot on the web these days that are not legitimate but instead create a discretion for the viewers. What actually matters is your own ideas and learning that possibly makes your blog different from rest of on the web.

Appropriate content is what answers your viewers and satisfying their hindrance to gain knowledge. No matter what expertise you explode on your blog it just has to be original sort of case studies of different companies and in addition to that make sure that whatever you write is absolutely what you actually know or have acknowledge. Never try to add think or not sure with the content you write because that might create a question mark upon your rest of the content which may even make viewers suspicious about the originality and surety of the material in your article or even in your blog. Don’t write something which you are not sure about its just like an interview that you are providing to consulates to get visa for any country. One biggest factor to be considered about blogging is that always stay regular about writing because irregularity would never let you to have consistent viewers and that may even change your views regarding blogging because it is a long term procedure for those who want to share and might be bit hard for the ones who want to earn. So always keep in mind to be regular about writing a post each day or 15-20 posts a month. Having consistency in the number of your posts you upload is must which further leads to regularity itself. I might sound weird because I myself do not write on regular basis but I believe in the upcoming year I would be able to be regular because I have a lot to write and share. Remember you can’t be rich within a night but it’s all the small little things which add to your success so always stay regular because no one knows when you become a successful blogger and it could even be a single post that could make your blog a big success so keep writing.

BloggingI remember when I wrote my first post on my blog. The Final Beta Release is available Blackberry Playbook what about the Feb Release, also keep a check on PRICE. I tried to make it more precise with what the viewer’s actually wanted to know out of that title above. Stating with the beta release I even mentioned a bit about the device and about the then ongoing price of the tablet. There are four factors that I consider and advice you to definitely observe while having a thought of blogging in your mind.


The content or the topic you wish to upload could be anything covering a major part of it. There are whole lot of abundant topics you can blog about, especially from a pin to your reviews regarding new Mercedes. All the above thing that matters is how do you describe that Mercedes and what all it is comprised of and how does it make a big difference from the previous one. Mention its  specifications its advantages over other competitors and at last share your experience about the test drive you took about the interiors you liked and admire its quality from its accelerator to the engine, front to the rear and rest of the car. Remember your content should be precise to understand and original enough to be talked about.


Once you are ready with your examination or I should better say it reviews the second and the most important step is upload some media with the content because it has been proved that if there is a word you speak or hear your brain understands it in a form of picture because that is how our brain works. Therefore take an ample amount of pictures of the Mercedes after all it is Mercedes. Not only pictures you can also upload other forms of media like video of the car which consists of the whole review in couple of minutes as well and the viewer’s get a clear idea about the car by having a look at it.

Ask reviews

After you are done with both the above points remember to ask for the reviews about your findings and your written. Don’t make it so hard on the viewers for promoting and sharing because if they like your content they would but if not then they would not even after reading your that part of your article. They would comment on you post and even have a lot of queries.

Provide Support

The viewers would comment on your post and might have a lot of queries and unsolved issues and may even provide your personal involvement in their own matters. So being a major part of blogging provide them the answers of their queries though some remain unanswered once you have got a lot of traffic but never mind try to serve as much as you could because In my personal belief the more you provide support to your viewers the more they get indulged in your findings and definitely helps your viewer to visit again to your blog for something new that you found.

So being lucky enough to share your thoughts and if you like to be a bit artistic you can now start blogging with your abilities and share your skills and expertise with rest of the world because sharing is the biggest part of everyone’s life also remember it is very easy and not at all a big deal because the word “impossible” itself says I m possible.  Happy Blogging 🙂

Port Android Apps to Bar Apps for Blackberry Playbook

The amazing gadget survives on with its ability to work along the android player. This time it has become more easy. Your all android apps would be in your tablet even though if they are not in the Blackberry World. All you need to do is open this marvelous website Apk2Bar.org that redirects you to your destination. Make a setup of your android app into the format apk and upload it onto this website and wait for everything to happen itself. Your android app will be converted into bar format without any further options or changes and it auto signs the applications and calculates md5 to produce ultimately a bar app for your tablet. Apk2Bar.org

Blackberry Playbook Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

This new post will involve something new and I am damm sure you will definately like it about the blackberry playbook keyboard which I just bought on 25th of november and received it day after one and I would definately like to give it a shot regarding its review this tablet keyboard compatible with iphone ipad and all other blackberry handset. This cute little thing is amazing and is all you wanted since you bought this tablet. It has a total of 60 keys +1 for link button. Which makes the total to 61 keys. This tablet keyboard involves a case for inserting the tablet with a stand for giving it a full fledged laptop. You can easily get this from ebay pricing between 20$ to 50$ varrying from the places you order. No doubt this thing is amazing very soft and rubby texture to type and moreover it has two backspace keys and two capslock buttons but no control key and is also not a matter. At last all I want to say is that this piece of board is just awesome. Being bluetooth enabled keyboard this is just great accessories for any other amazing device.

Windows 8. The Legendary OS

Microsoft unveiling its latest OS for Virtual Machines has finally brought something new in its content as well as brought a new change in the upcoming trends. The preceding version after windows 7 Microsoft managed to stay in competition. As described the windows is faster beautiful and reliable. Just 8 seconds to boot is like another achievement for Windows and similarly a compliment for designing it specially for a Touch interface. A whole lot of changes does make it awesome as well as difficult and annoying for some. The vanishing of the start button was not ever expected until the release preview came into existence though it was located swiping on the right or placing mouse curser top right or bottom right or even while hovering to the start button placed in previous versions but never mind just like Facebook the changes suddenly take place looking somehow difficult and unknown but no matter what Facebook does the next day you again log onto it and begin like regularly. The concept of Movement In apps or making the app tiles live is again an achievement in terms of iPhone and Android worth metro view of the start and home screen for windows phone. Talking about metro view its just beautiful and gives windows something totally dashing over the different masterpieces of themes making the view totally marvelous. One more major change in the OS is guess what. APP STORE. That is what almost just bets you to install it. The app store introduced in windows Is limited to apps but never mind they are enough for a start though the developers are very much interested for developing apps and hence making this Operating System a real success . Apps according to windows phones are around 1,20,000 and increasing day by day. The apps run very smoothly in windows. Famous games are also released day by day as increasing demands of windows 8. Right now my favorite are there which is Angry birds, Cut the rope and all those creature games. The whole new Internet explorer 10 with an unleashing speed and uninterrupted secure browsing makes the browsing experience more reliable and great. In nutshell there is all change of appearance as in the new metro view including beautiful tiles and their movement as well as personalization option, disappearance of start menu from the home screen, introduction of apps store, new internet explorer and minor changes in the control panel.

If you haven’t bought it yet then you are really missing Everything at Once. The OS is expected to be of Rs12000 on 1st Feb 2013. The upgrade offer is available for Rs2000 for old Virtual Machines and Rs699 for those who bought their Machines between 2 June 2012 to the upcoming 31st Jan 2012. For redeeming the offer, people with their new Machines simply go to the Microsoft Offer website and register for the unique promo code and enter it during the payment option while buying windows.

Blackberry Playbook Tablet Review

Rim’s has the one and only tablet which is known as Blackberry Playbook. The tablet has inbuild memory and hence comes in three models. The models vary from the sizes only. 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb. The prices of the tablet earlier were higher in the market but suddenly the prices dropped due to competition. Now a days you get blackberry playbook at Rs16000 for 32Gb and Rs18000 for 64Gb. There is not much difference between the prices but the tablet is no doubt making a marvelous job for the consumers. The tablet features 1Ghz processor, 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera for video calling and video calling can only be placed from playbook to playbook only not any other tablet. The tablet works on its own OS by Blackberry and with the recent update 2.0 the tablet runs android apps also with the help of basic QNX launcher, which makes the tablet basically android also. To run android apps firstly the app has to undergo various process like converting the apps from .apk to .bar and then it has to get signed by blackberry to get uploaded in the appworld. The working of the tablet is marvelous. There is no complaint of hanging or any security break issues after the OS2.0 release. The tablet is worth the price as rim has added all the necessary features in 2.0 update, such as native calendar, email and other value added support and made the playbook run more smoother and the software look more bolder. The box you get warrenty card, user manual, data cable, charger and the playbook itself. There are 4 buttons in total placed at the top of the playbook. First one is the power itself and the second,third  and forth are for the media for play, pause(one button), Previous , next. For getting back from an app simply swipe up, to get to the setting swipe down, and to switch between the apps swipe left or right according to the location of the app. The user easily gets through with its interface without any sort of difficulty. Rim has recently announced its 4g Tablet also which mainly features 4g and other specifications are still to arrive. Overall the tablet is perfect for professional as well as personal use. My personal recommendation to everyone, if you are willing to buy any tablet then definitely go for blackberry playbook. You won’t get this deal again and at the last my personal guarantee with the product is also valid. I am sure you will definitely like the product and its user friendly interface.